UPDATE: My 40’s Manifesto

In early July, I posted an article called “My 40’s Manifesto”. I have made it a point to keep the tenets of my manifesto top of mind. Also, I decided I’d provide updates intermittently. Perhaps some of you will get some enjoyment on my trials and tribulations during my search for enlightenment post forty. There … Continue reading UPDATE: My 40’s Manifesto

DESIRE: Stop!! Buying That Will Not Make You Feel Better!

How I’m beating impulse buying and so should you! Later in life, I am finding that I am attached to some ideas that don’t add up. These ideas have and are having a serious impact on my life. One of them I am trying to move beyond is materialism. Many studies show that those who … Continue reading DESIRE: Stop!! Buying That Will Not Make You Feel Better!

The 5 Perks of Personal Planning on Paper

Planning with good old-fashioned pen and paper has many benefits. The following are 5 perks of  personal planning on paper.

The 4 Things You Should Know About Your Beliefs

Belief is “the ability to combine histories and experiences with imagination, to think beyond the here and now”

Three Steps to Minimize Time Anxiety

Do you feel like there’s never enough time? Does this lack make you feel like you’re missing out? You may suffer from Time Anxiety.

The Old Wiseman and the Little Boy

There are two … personality … trends I find in myself. They aren’t separate personalities, they’re trends… One, an Old Wise Man, and the other, a Little Boy. These are feelings or impressions that I get on myself, regarding myself. It’s a little strange, I admit. I feel like the Little Boy when I am … Continue reading The Old Wiseman and the Little Boy