Seven Must Read Books

The Best Recent Titles for Inspiration, Motivation and Personal Revolution More information is published on just about any subject than ever before. As Tesla founder Elon Musk says, “You don’t need college to learn stuff… you can learn anything you want for free.”1 I adore this piece of advice. There are two challenges when attempting … Continue reading Seven Must Read Books

UPDATE: My 40’s Manifesto

In early July, I posted an article called “My 40’s Manifesto”. I have made it a point to keep the tenets of my manifesto top of mind. Also, I decided I’d provide updates intermittently. Perhaps some of you will get some enjoyment on my trials and tribulations during my search for enlightenment post forty. There … Continue reading UPDATE: My 40’s Manifesto

DESIRE: Stop!! Buying That Will Not Make You Feel Better!

How I’m beating impulse buying and so should you! Later in life, I am finding that I am attached to some ideas that don’t add up. These ideas have and are having a serious impact on my life. One of them I am trying to move beyond is materialism. Many studies show that those who … Continue reading DESIRE: Stop!! Buying That Will Not Make You Feel Better!

Five Reasons Five Years Is Too Long to Wait

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week (Oct. 4-Oct. 10). The World Health Organization estimates between 30% and 80% of people with mental health concerns don’t seek treatment1. On Armchair Expert Podcast, it was reported that it takes five years for someone with depression to seek treatment. The average person suffers for five years before taking steps … Continue reading Five Reasons Five Years Is Too Long to Wait

Five Reasons We Love To Travel

I ask every person I interview “If money was not an issue, how would you spend your life?” Almost everyone answers, traveling! As human beings, we love travel. Studies show that we are more optimistic about our work after travel and we improve social connections and communication skills1. Among other things, traveling alone can boost confidence, … Continue reading Five Reasons We Love To Travel

The 5 Perks of Personal Planning on Paper

Planning with good old-fashioned pen and paper has many benefits. The following are 5 perks of  personal planning on paper.