21 Day Find & Define Yourself Challenge

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Click Below to Download the 21 Day Find & Define Yourself Challenge.

Below are support videos for the 21 Day Challenge. Check in each day during the challenge for insight into the challenge’s purpose.

Day 1: Decide Your Top 3 Values

Day 1

Day 2: Do Something Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Day 2

Day 3: Write an Item on Your Life Purpose List

Day 3

Day 4: Take Yourself on a Date

Day 4

Day 5: Set a Goal

Day 5

Day 6: Do Something That Heals You

Day 6

Day 7: Stereotype Yourself. Write it.

Day 7

Day 8: Track Your Activity for Each Task, Feeling, Interaction

Day 8

Day 9: Call Your Mom.

Day 9

Day 10: Listen To A Self-Improvement Podcast

Day 10

Day 11: Exercise

Day 11

Day 12: DEEP THOUGHTS: Money not an Issue, How Would You Spend Life?

Day 12

Day 13: Note the 5 People Closest to You. Why is it Those People?

Day 13

Day 14: Fast for 12 Hours.

Day 14

Day 15: Donate to Your Favorite Charity.

Day 15

Day 16: Plan the Perfect Day

Day 16

Day 17: Breath Deeply and Slowly for 3 Minutes. Note Your Thoughts.

Day 17

Day 18: Write a Time When You Felt Anger in the Last 24 Hours.

Day 18

Day 19: Describe a Time When You Were Dissapointed in Yourself.

Day 19

Day 20: Connect. Reach out, Listen. But Discuss What You Wish.

Day 20

Day 21: Ask For Support, Friends and Family.

Day 21

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