Hello, I’m Ryan…

I am a Yoga instructor.

I am a Meditation teacher.

My favorite type of food is Indian food (the spicier the better.)

I’m life long learner with 17 years of professional service.

BA in Psychology, MBA in Finance, a Certified Yoga Teacher, and a Marathon Runner.

My proudest and most fulfilling moments have been when lifting other people. In a company of over 100,000 employees, for three consecutive years, three members of my team represented the company as Team Member of the Year.

I am passionate about helping others achieve thier potential.



I have five younger brothers.

I love music and was in a rock band for 15 years called Sparechange00.

The band put out 3 full length records and 2 EP’s.

I live in Cincinnati.

I am inspired by human potential.

My favorite movies are Arrival, The Fountain, and The Fellowship of the Ring.

I love coffee, New York City, Bruce Springsteen, and the summer.

My favorite book is Hyperion.

I am expecting twins in April 2023.




Thank you for being here!

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BA in Psychology and MBA from Kent State. ENTJ Myers/Briggs and my love language is acts of service. However, I don’t think any of those things should provoke you to read my blog. Hmmm. I want to talk about things we all think about but, can’t freely talk about.

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