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Day 19: Describe a time when you were disappointed in yourself.

Learning from your mistakes can be a tough process. But failing is a necessary part of the pathway to success. Many of us tend to have a fear of looking directly at our failures. We feel shame when we do so. We tell ourselves lies in order to cope. We feel less than, unworthy. It is important to note that everyone feels disappointed in themselves. However, it is what we do at this point that really counts. 

We need to process our emotions. Come to terms with the reality. Journaling can help with this. Write about a time when you really disappointed yourself. Was it not sticking up for your coworker to your boss? Was it the misspelled word in your email? Was it the way you responded to your significant other this morning before work?

Face your mistakes, disappointments, and realities. Describe a time when you were disappointed in yourself. 

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