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Day 17: Breathe Deeply, Slowly for 3 minutes. Note your thoughts.

Meditation has become extremely popular in the west due to its positive impact on our delicate mental states. We don’t control the thoughts that arise in our consciousness. In addition, we are completely inundated with images and messages that register into our subconscious without us even knowing. Our frontal cortex, the part of the brain responsible for focus becomes completely overwhelmed and numb due to the sheer volume of information. More and more external forces are impacting and directing our attention. Attention has become a scarce resource for us.

Mindfulness, Wim Hof breathing, meditation, yoga… these all help us regain some control. As an exercise, set a timer for three minutes. Sit comfortably and breathe deeply, pay attention to your thoughts. Just step back and watch. Take note of the volume of thoughts, the content and that you don’t really have any control over what thought comes up next. 

Regain control and a sense of peace, through this practice. Breathe Deeply, and slowly for three minutes. Watch your thoughts…

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