Day 15: Donate to your favorite Charity

One of the best ways to increase reported life satisfaction is by giving. The impact is not immediate, instead, the positive feeling is felt in the long term. If you donate to charity, you subconsciously consider yourself a good person. Holding yourself in this positive light generates good feelings about yourself in the long run. 

As human beings, we desire to be good people. Actions perceived as those that would be done by someone who is a good person cause us to feel like we are in line with that ideal good person.

This isn’t a new idea. Scripture talks about giving ten percent of your earnings to the church. This idea caught on in part due to the positive feeling those who took up the practice felt. It provides a sense of community.

Many of us don’t donate to charity because the good feeling isn’t immediate. Many of us don’t because we don’t think we can donate a lot. Even if it’s five dollars or less, every little bit counts. 

Who’s your favorite charity? This is where you find yourself. What do you want to benefit from? Do some research. 


Donate to your favorite charity. 

For your copy of the 21 Day Find & Define Yourself Challenge, click here.

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