Day 11: Exercise 

Our bodies were made to move! At some point in time, we’ve become sedentary as a species. This causes a host of health maladies in us. The Mayo Clinic recommends you get two and a half hours of exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise per week. If you don’t currently exercise, you’re missing out on feeling better. Sure, it’s hard to start, and that may be why you haven’t. I started running at age 30 and well, let’s just say the struggle was real. Ten years later, if I miss a day, I’m just not right. 

Maybe it’s a brisk walk, or maybe it’s a yoga class. Let’s do a mini-experiment. First, choose an exercise. Good job. Now, do the exercise but before you start, take a moment and note how you feel. Do the exercise with the intention of enjoying it! Ten minutes after you done, take another note of how you feel. You will notice an improved feeling of well-being and an increase in energy.

Work this into your daily schedule. Exercise. 

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