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Day 8: Track your activity. Each task, feeling, and interaction. 

Our time during our daily lives is the essence of our lives! It is important we are aware of what is causing stress, joy, and growth. Also, it is important that we are aware of the tasks and interactions that are most important to achieving our goals. If you are spending a lot of time on tasks and activities that you don’t enjoy and don’t move you towards your goals, It’s not always obvious as it would seem. 

Take a day, journal how you feel the entire day. Take 1 minute during each transition, before and after each activity, and think: Did I enjoy that activity? How do I feel right now? If I could improve the previous activity, what would I do? Did the previous activity support my values and goals?

The items that you note that are unpleasant or not supportive of your values or goals need to be addressed.  Perhaps it’s a job that you just really don’t like. Maybe it is a coworker that just drives you up the wall. Identifying the issue goes a long way in our psychology to ease stress. Once you are crystal clear on what it is that is not serving your larger purpose, you can take steps to remove these things from your life. 

For your copy of the 21 Day Find & Define Yourself Challenge, click here.

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