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Day 6: 

Do Something That Heals You. 

Life wears us down. It’s inevitable. Stress, poor sleeping or eating habits, work, relationships. We only have so much energy and willpower. Unfortunately, that drains us. When we are running low on fuel, we’re creating less than favorable experiences in our life. 

Sometimes the solution is to get more sleep. But often, you need to heal. Put the gas back in your tank.

What keeps your tank full? Call a friend to catch up. Listen to your favorite Song. Eat a healthy meal. Sleep in.

The stress, anxiety, or depression that you’re feeling is (to some degree) the result of not taking the opportunity to heal. Set up a counseling appointment. Read a book. Dance! Meditate. Do yoga. 

Put healing habits in your daily life. 

Do Something that Heals You. 

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