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The 21 Day Challenge: Day 3.

Write an item on your life’s purpose list.

Included in the 21 Day Challenge email, is the “life purpose list”. This list is to get us to think about what we really want our life’s experience to be. Why we struggle in the day-to-day and should help us sus out what is truly important. You may find that you have many goals you seek to accomplish way down the road. This exercise may reveal that you are doing very little each day in order to reach those far-away goals. It may help to tie together your long-term dreams and goals with your day-to-day activities. 

Perhaps you want to backpack through Europe, go on a walkabout in Australia, or write a book. Maybe you want to have kids or get married. Perhaps you want to buy a Tesla or be one of the first settlers on Mars. Ideas don’ have limits! That’s the beauty of them. There is also joy in the true understanding that a life well spent is the passionate pursuit of these far-away ideas. Go in the direction of your dreams. Now, go!

What item are you writing on your life list, today?

For your copy of the 21 Day Find & Define Yourself Challenge, click here.

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