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The 21 Day Challenge. Day 2.

Do something out of your comfort zone.

Our comfort zones have developed to give us a sense of safety and security. While this is generally a good thing, there is mounting research regarding a concept called hormesis. Hormesis is an idea that simply means there is a benefit to low-level stressors. For example, if you want to get larger muscles you may lift weights. This provides enough stress to tear your muscles and cause them to regenerate larger. The hermetic response, in this case, is to increase your muscle mass. The same concept is at play here. 

Getting out of our comfort zone causes us to grow. There is a reason why an experience is considered “out of our comfort zone”. It threatens us in some way. Psychologically, we will receive a hermetic response in return for stepping outside of our comfort zone. For example, a boost in confidence, a rush of energy, or a sense of adventure.  

Perhaps you choose to strike up a conversation with someone, join a club, ask someone on a date or speak in public. Whatever the activity out of your comfort zone, causes anxiety and/or fear. These items are also known as stress.

Visualize how you would ideally perform in the situation. Come to terms with the fact that events may not unfold as you’d wished. Note that this is okay. Fail stands for First Attempt In Learning. Accept failure. It’s part of this journey. 

This day’s activity also causes us to visualize ourselves in the future as we wish to be. We have to overcome some amount of stress in order to reach this point. Just as we will have to overcome obstacles to achieve our dreams. There sometimes is a realization that the largest barriers in your life are paving the way to your desired destination. This activity acts as a microcosm for this idea.

What will you do to get out of your comfort zone, today?

For your copy of the 21 Day Find & Define Yourself Challenge, click here.

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