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Written by Maja.

Pain is usually not a pleasant experience. But there is one thing that can be even more unpleasant than pain itself. Being unable to feel anything – being numb.

This is a place where antidepressants can easily put us. Sometimes it’s just a temporary phase, sometimes it lasts for months. Sometimes I don’t even know anymore what is worse… The unbearable feelings of sadness and physical pain or the persisting numbness.

So, why being in pain is actually a good thing? Because you feel something.

Pain is a natural response that something isn’t right in your body. When you acknowledge the pain, you can do something to relieve it. If you don’t feel anything… Well, it can be harder to change anything, because you lack the motivation to do it so. Pain can be a great motivator and this is why being numb can be worse than being in pain.

But a little bit of numbness after the pain can also be good. Everything in moderation, right? The perfect balance of pain, numbness, happiness, sadness, socialization, isolation, work, vacations, etc. This is how life is supposed to be, right? I’m dreaming a bit today, as long as it’s still allowed… 🙂

What about you, how do you cope with pain and numbness? What is worse for you?

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Written by Maja

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BA in Psychology and MBA from Kent State. ENTJ Myers/Briggs and my love language is acts of service. However, I don’t think any of those things should provoke you to read my blog. Hmmm. I want to talk about things we all think about but, can’t freely talk about.
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