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At a time, I’d have referred to this as a vanity project.

(I no longer like the term.)

My first genuine interest in poetry came through Dylan Thomas.

Thomas had a way to wring the heartstrings with words, but it was a mystery as to the function of their machinery. I’ve spent years considering ‘Where Once The Waters of Your Face’ as it seems to stir some mysterious and nameless longing deep within. The poem’s influence exists as an archetype in my world of words (as is obvious).

But this is no mere vanity project. Instead, a ticket.

A hello.

A view inside.

Vanity, yes. But vulnerability, confusion.



The emotional processing center in the human brain is not directly connected to the language center. Therefore, we struggle to properly word how we feel. For me, in the neurons and gray matter between emotion and language lies poetry. Metaphor, analogy, and song exist in this frustrated disconnection, generating a need to express that which is just out of reach. The best artist explores here.

But this is the how & the where… the why is simply that too many of us will pass on and through without sharing the exploits of our delvings within. The loneliness in each of us comes from the wanting of another to join us here in our universe. A place mysterious, inexplicable, and formless. A place I know as The Waters.

R.P. Watts – August, 10th, 2021

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