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Have you ever struggled to explain why you like yoga so much to your family and friends? Do you want to expand your practice off the mat into your life?

The yogis of ages long past have discovered what many scientists, psychologists, and researchers are now learning once again. The mind-body connection is an important one to explore as well as exercise. Breathing alone is something that our evolution has traded for more brain capacity. Emotions are physically stored in the body’s muscles. The movements, asanas, breathing, and awareness created from yoga practice are increasingly being prescribed by doctors and therapists due to their healing power.

Today, the power of breathing has been shown to regulate vagal tones and the body’s ability to regenerate, heal, and control body temperature. Yoga, combining the power of breath and movement, is shown to have powerful health impacts beyond just stretching. These impacts range from helping curb the symptoms of anxiety and depression to lowering blood pressure and dramatically reducing the risks of heart-related health concerns.

What’s going on here?

Join us at the Yoga Mindset Workshop to learn more.


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