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An 8-week course designed to change your life. This course explores the depths of mindset and empowers you with tools, knowledge, and methodology to take control of your experience of life.


Everything you need to get started on the course.


The Moth Intro

Week 1 – Range of Belief

The Range of Belief refers to the limits of what we deem possible for us in our lives. However, many of us suffer from limiting beliefs. Where could you be experiencing limiting beliefs?


Range of Belief Range of Belief Worksheet

Week 2 – Locus of Control

Do you feel like you’re in a position to change your life?


Locus of Control LOC Worksheet

Week 3 – Growth vs. Fixed Mindsets

Being processed, focused, positive, and open-minded is key.


Growth vs Fixed Your Mindset Worksheet

Week 4 – Thinking, Perception, & Biases

There are built-in problems with our thinking. Our brain can lead us to make reasoning errors.


You're Half Way! Thinking, Perception, & Biases Thinking, Perception, & Biases Quiz How To Become A First Principle Thinker

Week 5 – Positive Psychology 101

The Basics of keeping your body and mind healthy and operating at their peak.


Positive Psychology 101 Positive Psychology Worksheet

Week 6 – Your Story

We express our lives in the sharing of stories.


Your Story Your Story Worksheet

BONUS: Self-Sabatoge

There are many ways in which we sabotage our own growth, success and well-being.


Self- Sabotage The 14 Ways You're Self-Sabotaging