What is it? (A Guide)

What is it? (A Guide)


January 19th, 2003

a thin white ghost child laughed by me walking

a thin white ghost child laughed by me walking

into the salted litte air

scent rose from below

night followed me home, twisting the blackness

inside me. now white clouds like a safe snow at

night, descends on a warming chest.

now whites conspire to rid of the dire

as lips follow motions before.

give in to what could never keep us

give in to lighting the basin at the soul soil morning

passing west

give in to the touch of an angel

give in to the vast of a savior

give into fasting from failure, to where hesitance

has dried.

give in to the light that may save us

for the white-ghost childs in joy may cry…

quietly haunting the night

Welcome. Thank you.

Welcome. Thank you.

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At a time, I’d have referred to this as a vanity project.

(I no longer like the term.)

My first genuine interest in poetry came through Dylan Thomas.

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