My 40’s Manifesto: YEAR #2

My 40’s Manifesto: YEAR #2

Here we are, entering year 42. The last year has been a year of exponential growth, joy, and inevitable pain. My personal life has gone through dramatic changes. I’ve tested the limits of my physical body and thus worked my way through injury. I’ve learned. I’ve learned how to learn. I have an instinctual feeling that I am on the correct trajectory.

(I also need to rant. There is no f#cking way I am 42? I feel better than I ever have been. I’m healthier, more active, and better mentally equipped! This age number is really a thorn in my side. I feel actual anger when I think about it! What have I been doing to waste all of this time and arrive now to some semblance of a good place?)


In my last update, I updated the tenets to my manifesto as follows…

  1. Connect & Engage in Relationships
  2. Be Authentic Without Sacrifice
  3. Accept Love With Grace
  4. Think Deeply
  5. Go Public

Here is where I sit currently.

UPDATE: My 40’s Manifesto

UPDATE: My 40’s Manifesto

In early July, I posted an article called “My 40’s Manifesto”. I have made it a point to keep the tenets of my manifesto top of mind. Also, I decided I’d provide updates intermittently. Perhaps some of you will get some enjoyment on my trials and tribulations during my search for enlightenment post forty.

There are five tenets to my manifesto:

  1. I will work on connection
  2. I will be authentic
  3. I will accept love
  4. I will think deeply
  5. I will engage in relationships

Here’s where I’m at five months in.

My 40’s Manifesto

My 40’s Manifesto

Today, I begin my 41st year.

(This was always was a sticking point for me – I actually completed my 40th year and am now 40. We don’t refer to newborn babies as being one. They complete their first year and then become one. Silly, I know.)

So for conformity’s sake, today I am 40.

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