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Make Your Mind Work For You: 5 Easy Steps

Sharing is caring!352shares Share Tweet Pin It’s your mind, right? Use it the way you want to use it! Our minds are wondrous, complicated, and not fully understood. Currently, science is making some large leaps in the understanding of its functioning. By extension, how we can make it work the way we want. Many of […]

BOOKCLUB: Can’t Hurt Me, by David Goggins

Late to the “Goggins” party, an acquaintance gave me a copy of Can’t Hurt Me. The book provides a stark, non-apologetic, and inspiring telling of David Goggins’ life. Mainly, the book gives context to the idea that the mind can overcome the body as Goggins is proof. It requires a deep dive into the book […]

CODEPENDENCY: I’ll work for your love…

The impact, symptoms, and what you should do about it. Psychology Today defines codependency as “a relationship in which, by being caring, highly-functional, and helpful, one is said to support, perpetuate, or enable a loved one’s irresponsible or destructive behavior.”1This enabled behavior may also be abusive. Codependency originally was a title given to relationships involving […]


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BA in Psychology and MBA from Kent State. ENTJ Myers/Briggs and my love language is acts of service. However, I don’t think any of those things should provoke you to read my blog. Hmmm. I want to talk about things we all think about but, can’t freely talk about.
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